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gameshop4u May 4
The Revelation Online team notes that as long as the creatures within the Mech Citadel are alive, Nuanor will never be safe. So, it’s your revelation online gold job to go into this twisted structure and put down any that reside in it. Are you up to the task?

Because of what they did, these souls were tortured and humiliated for a long time, as proof that you don’t mess with the forbidden ways of the people. But then they escaped, and decided to finish what they started and build the Mech Citadel. It was intended to be the ultimate revenge tool, a way to use the technology of the Fire Civilization against them. But what they didn’t know was that the builders had already sealed their fate.

You see, the knowledge they used to build the tower was corrupting them, making them turn into more mechanized creatures in order to build the cheap revelation online gold structure. Slowly, they began to lose touch with everything they used to be, including their desire for revenge, but not their desire for bloodshed.BY here online. so come to our site for cheap ro gold and ro game news!