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gameshop4u Aug 1 '17

Prosperous Universe

Prosperous Universe is a sci-fi MMO kritika online gold economic sandbox. Humanity has left Earth. In the new worlds, they do what they have always done: Trade! You are the CEO of your own space-based company. You determine your own fate: Explore countless unknown planets, design and build your own spaceships, trade commodities or found your own colonies. Whatever you choose, be prepared to compete and collaborate with thousands of other players in the massive and persistent world of Prosperous Universe.

Prosperous Universe is an MMO economic sandbox. The browser-based APEX console is the interface to a lively and realistic world in which every resource and every material has to be produced by or bought from other players. Any desktop PC is enough to experience a universe of intrigue, cheap kritika online gold economic powerplay and emergent politics.


One persistent universe | There is only one game world. No shards, no instances. Everyone interacts in the same universe.
Real consequences | In the closed-loop economy, every action counts. Whatever you do has real impact on the world.
Trade like the real thing | Trade hundreds of commodities and even currencies on sophistcated exchanges modelled after the real-world thing.
Build, Produce, Transport | No matter whether you want to mine resources on remote planets, design complex production chains, haul your products around the universe or design your very own kritika online kred can do all of this and more in Prosperous Universe.Buy more kritika online gold from playerhot online, more game fun here!